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Aimed at developers and team leaders who are already familiar with Agile approaches, this two day course examines three important technical aspects of Agile software development. These are: pair programming; test driven development; and re-factoring.

To many people, especially in senior management, pair programming seems completely counter-intuitive. Surely, by getting two people to do the job of one person you’re just halving your productivity? A substantial body of research shows quite the opposite - that pair programming doesn’t reduce productivity, but maintains productivity whilst substantially reducing the number of serious defects that are found in the code.

The practice of writing a failing automatic test for each piece of software functionality, together with a script that can run all of these test, has many beneficial effects on the process of software development. The course covers writing these tests and coding against them using the framework JUnit.

As software development progresses on a project, code gets messy and changes in one place cause unexpected problems in others. Re-factoring accepts the reality that code gets messy over time and builds on the advantages of test driven development to allow principled clean up of code.

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Official Website: http://www.ntileeds.co.uk/course/project-management/technical-aspects-of-agile

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