6021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, California 90028

text from: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/02/20/geek-goes-chic-were-partying-with-popsugar/

This is going to be our best party yet.

We're pleased to announce that our next TechCrunch MeetUp will be held in L.A. on Thursday, April 10. It's being co-hosted with PopSugar a (huge) blog all about fashion, beauty, shopping and celebrity news. We're taking geek to the chic, or chic to the geek, or just plain teaming up to celebrate what's hot on the Internet this spring.

The Vanguard is a huge club with outdoor patio and cabanas. The club can hold over 1,500 people, and we have the opportunity to make this the largest MeetUp yet.

The large-format venue is very conducive to creative sponsorship opportunities that can really showcase innovations in new and interactive media. Sponsorship packages are available in all shapes and sizes-- dedicated entertainment rooms, specialty cocktails, MeetUp giveaways, demo tables, etc. Please contact Jeanne Logozzo to learn more about sponsorships.

Tickets are $10 each to manage the attendance list, and ticket proceeds will be donated to charity. All ticket purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you purchase multiple tickets under your own name, your guests will need to arrive together with you at the event. Photo IDs are required for event check-in. No paper tickets necessary.

Hope to see you there :-)
to buy tickets: http://techcrunchmeetup12la.eventbrite.com/

Official Website: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/02/20/geek-goes-chic-were-partying-with-popsugar/

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tix sold out, anyone know any for sale?


250 more went on sale this morning. As of right now 1:45PM PST they are still available.


I missed the sale.... =( I guess I'll keep watching! I REALLY want to go.




1,500 sold out ! Not a single one left. unbelievable.
I guess there are lots of Arlington fans out there. enjoy anyone who got their hands on the tickets!
I'll have to watch this one.


Yikes, I just learned about this one. Too bad the tickets are sold out, would have loved to go.


I'm going, and looking for a place to cowork on Friday. I might go to the Data Portablility meetup on Friday.


AWESOME! Just got 2 tix! I hope to see you all there :)


Yeah just got one now; but only one...keep checking back they might note be completely sold out just yet...


If you are an entrepreneur, E.Factor has been built by people like you for people like you. The E.Factor is all about entrepreneurial people worldwide who want to do the very best for their businesses and is a sponsor of the TechCrunch/Pop Sugar event! Check out their booth at the event!



Bring out your gadgets (cell phone, iphone, blackberry, laptop, pda, etc.) to get laser etched, just saw this from a friend, Etchstar is going to be there providing laser etching:



Mobbloging Shozu/Flickr users: stick upcoming:event=444536 in your tag field before you go out so the photos appear here instantly.


That place was too dark inside.


It hard and expensive for someone that live in NY to be attending these meet up.