Picardy Place
Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3JT

Here's an excuse for Scotland's most enthusiastic techies to catch up at a Home House coffee morning.

We'll be hosting a very meet and greet for techies and the social media-inclined, and as this is the first in a series of on-the-road recordings for guardian.co.uk's Tech Weekly podcast, we want to hear from the brightest sparks and hottest issues in Edinburgh's tech community. We can pick up on some local issues for local people...

We can fit about 40 in for our coffee morning so please RSVP ASAP.

See you there!

Aleks Krotoski, Jemima Kiss and Scott Cawley: guardian.co.uk Tech Weekly podcast

Official Website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/series/techweekly

Added by jemimakiss on April 13, 2008



Can't wait. Mind you, I wonder if Home House can do char-grilled bacon focaccias, like Centotre?


Were there invites or is this open free for all geekery? One is confused.
Im attending the shizz out of it if it is...


Aleks, Jemima and Scott,

Great idea, love to come. (Beware though, after our weekly geeky-meet at Centotre every previous Friday, we are big-time Bacon Roll Snobs.)



Would love to join you, Jemima et al, but I'll be doing my meedja thang in Florence that Friday. If only we could be in two places at once - or Guardian podcasts start coming to Florence... ;-)

mark gorman

I'd like to come along please. Can I have a gilt edged invite or is it all virally done these days?


Mark, just sign up here via Upcoming, top right button 'I'm attending'.


I can't wait! See you all there...


Hurrah! Media types in Embru. I'll be there and soaking up the free coffee and casual 'web 2.0' ambience...


Bacon rolls sound awesome, but broon sauce is NOT an option :)

Jim Sutherland

This sounds great....I'll be there. I hope to bring a particularly hi tech musical saw player!


I may or may not have already consumed two rolls and lorne sausage on the train (both drenched in le sauce broon).