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Does your site scream out, "I haven't changed my image since 1995!" Or maybe, your pages are plagued by lengthy copy that just keeps going and going… Perhaps your web presence just doesn't really reflect all the great work your organization does.

Get at the heart of web issues and head in an effective direction to achieve your website goals. At this meetup, we'll delve into website hang-ups and problem-solve cures for the "common" website. Fodder for website problem-solving could include:
- browser compatibility
- unique identity and online presence
- easy navigation
- web-optimized images
- color scheme and text/background contrast
- title tags
- any other number of web issues that get under your skin

Leading the discussion at this month's joint NTEN 501Tech Club and Net Squared MeetUp will be Eve Simon, Creative Director at Beaconfire Consulting. Eve brings 14 years of online visual design, user experience and creative management in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors.

With Eve leading the discussion, we'll delve into the web design process. And if you’re game, we'll jump into a discussion on the inherent or perceived conflict between IA and Design. Understand why Eve might tell you, "A wireframe is not a coloring book."

Please email Anna at [email protected] or Donna at [email protected] with any questions.

Official Website: https://spongecell.com/event_page/view/822691

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Aleta D

I'm neck-deep in a website redesign (our current website has ALL of the above problems) and I have a pretty good grasp on what would make our website better. While I'm happy to contribute to that discussion, what I'm really interested in talking about is HOW to make a good website happen with the limited financial and organizational capacity that is common in non-profits. Perhaps that is a different topic altogether, I'll defer to the group interest.