Level 8
Edinburgh, Scotland

Hope everyone enjoyed the last Tech Meetup - we had about 45 attending despite meaning to start quite small! Still some people couldn't make it because it conflicted with EdLUG or they found out on short notice... So this time round, we've passed word on a little further. By all means, invite any tech minds you know
to come along...

The next Tech Meetup is going to be 7pm, Wednesday October 8th in the same place (Appleton Tower, Level 8) and we'll aim to have a bunch more demos going on. In saying that, there's a few demos arranged already
and anyone who wants to show off something they've been working on, it's a
great chance to do so. So, fire an email to Arnav or Sam if you are interested.

Also, apologies for not documenting the first meetup super well, but we'll try and do a better job this time. If anyone wants to be a techie journalist, they are welcome...
There'll be a demo at the next meetup of a site that might be useful here...

There'll be plenty of beer, plenty of pizza (hopefully less chilli) so come along and let's see what people are up to.

Added by olly on September 19, 2008