3524 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60657

Join us for our sixth TECH cocktail in the Windy City!

TECH cocktail is a series of mixer events, founded in May 2006 by Frank Gruber and Eric Olson, opened to bloggers, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and other business professionals interested in the technology arena in under served technology communities.

Our Mission:
To amplify the technology signal in under served markets and have fun doing it.

Not every city has the feel of community like you might see in other technology rich communities like Silicon Valley. TECH cocktail hopes to help remedy the situation by creating a place for bloggers, technologists, entrepreneurs and other business professionals to meet, share ideas and have some fun. TECH cocktail is not exclusive to Chicago, it is open to the public and we hope that people from around the globe will be able to participate.

TECH cocktail events are opened to the public. Feel free to blog or podcast the event. We would love to see the tech community better connected and recognized through TECH cocktail.

Official Website: http://techcocktail.com

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