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Tech Atlas SF TV SHOW: Open Government 2.0!

In the ever increasing open source and open platform world, open government is quickly becoming a necessity. With massive amounts of data and information available, governments need help digesting to help set policy, become sustainable, provide efficient services, build community, and more. Tech Atlas SF is happy to bring together forward thinking minds on how best to capitalize on the principal of Open Government 2.0.

For this second edition December 1 at 7:00 pm, we have the privilege of featuring Ron Vinson, deputy director of the San Francisco Department of Telecommunications and Information Systems for San Francisco City, Eric Kansa, from UC Berkeley's Information School, and Christina Ganglier, CEO of RealPolitech.com. The show will be broadcast live on SF APPEAL.

"Tech Atlas SF" is a monthly LIVE WEB TV SHOW of 1hour. Passionate people come and debate around how the World Wide Web is changing our lives.

The show is moderated and organized by Cyrus Farivar and is hosted by PariSoMa Coworking Space.

RSVP by email at [email protected] (25 seats only) with you name and activity.

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More about the panelists:

Eric Kansa, UC Berkeley's Information School - Eric C. Kansa is Executive Director of the Information and Service Design Program at the UC Berkley School of Information (I School). His primary role is to develop service design projects that bring I School students and faculty to work in collaboration with partner organizations. His research interests include efforts to enhance the accessibility and usability of research data collected in the field sciences, as well as, the impact of ubiquitous information accessibility in the consumer experience of services. Before coming to UC Berkeley, Eric was cofounder and former Executive Director, a nonprofit organization, the Alexandria Archive Institute. There he led development of Open Context, an online system for publishing primary research data collected in the field sciences. This follows a position on the faculty of Harvard University, where he served as Lecturer and Undergraduate Tutor for the Department of Anthropology. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Eric was awarded a doctorate in Anthropology at Harvard University in 2001. Eric is currently Convener of the Society for American Archaeology's Digital Data Interest Group.

Christina Ganglier, CEO, RealPolitech.com - Christina Gagnier is a partner at Gagnier Margossian, a boutique public affairs consulting firm specializing in strategic counsel and policy for a variety of public and private sector clients. A proud Californian, Gagnier’s career began offline in the non-profit sector, working on initiative campaigns and coordinating voter turnout in California for causes relating to education. Previously, Gagnier served as the Chief Information Officer of Mobilize.org, a non-partisan Millennial civic engagement organization, directing the organization’s strategic communications, online interface and research programs. A researcher and information broker at heart, Gagnier focuses on the intersection of on and offline action, specializing in cyberspace law, telecommunications, transparency and privacy.

Ron Vinson, deputy director of the San Francisco Department of Telecommunications and Information Systems, San Francisco City. The mission for this department is to be an enterprise information and technology services organization that provides proactive leadership in the use of technology and information solutions to improve the City's operations and service delivery. Ron will be discussing the San Francisco Initiative DataSF.org, a central clearinghouse for datasets published by the City & County of San Francisco. The goal of DataSF is to improve access to city data through open machine-readable formats.

Cyrus Farivar, freelance tech journalist (NPR, PRI's The World, CBC), author of the forthcoming "The Internet of Elsewhere" (Rutgers University Press, 2011). He regularly reports for National Public Radio, The World (WGBH/PRI/BBC), and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He also freelances for The Economist, Foreign Policy, Slate, The New York Times, Popular Mechanics, and Wired. In addition, he has done radio reporting for the BBC, Latino USA and has written for Tehran Bureau, Tom's Guide, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Communications of the ACM, San Francisco, PC Magazine, PC World, Macworld, The San Francisco Chronicle, MuniWireless, Mobile, Playlist, Oakland, Business 2.0, The San Mateo Daily Journal, MacAddict, The Age (Australia), and The Daily Californian, the UC Berkeley independent student newspaper. He has a B.A. in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley and a M.S. from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He's also survived three VfDs on Wikipedia. However, on a 4th VfD attempt in February 2007, he was, in fact, deleted. He's still waiting for someone to add him back.

Official Website: http://www.parisoma.com/2009/11/tech-atlas-sf-open-government-2-0-dec-1st-7pm

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