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Brisbane, Queensland 4006

Team Evil #4
Australias most cynical magazine: Team Evil #4 is here and hits the streets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the next 2 weeks. To celebrate we're hosting the worlds worstest party ever.

The drama will kick off at midnight somewhere in the Valley on Saturday November 17. For legal reasons, the only thing we can tell you is it's taking place somewhere with a great view and a distinct lack of alcohol license. It will finish if and when the law arrive, with Team Evil taking absolutely no responsibility for what happens after midnight. NONE!

The only way to find out the exact location of the Team Evil #4 launch is by joining Team Evil on MySpace [www.myspace.com/teamevil7]. The exact details will be posted @ midday on Sat Nov 17 via their MySpace, so check in then to get the top-secret details.

Wolf Panda (pictured) will be on hand, blasting gangsta rap from some battery powered ghetto blasters. Complimentary bottles of Passion Pop for anyone stupid enough to show up. Massively ignorant hip hop CDs will also be given away ones that we've grabbed from our own CD collection and are giving to the public! Oh yeah, and Team Evil #4 free of charge for whoever wants it.

Team Evil #4 features the following rubbish:

Petty Crimes In The Suburbs
Bike Theft In Taiwan
Crap Sneakers
Robotech Retrospective
Book Vandalism
Team Evil vs a Fridge Full Of Energy Drinks
A Guide To Organised Crime in High School
Hip Hop Entourages That Kill People
Street Fighter 2 is Teh 1337
More, More, More

Team Evil will be available at all the usual record stores, cafes, hipster joints, bus shelters, retail outlets, etc, etc.


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