198 Church St. by Market St.
San Francisco, California 94110

Honey Soundsystem Presents:

Tea With Honey
Afternoon Dance - 6pm until Midnight


Special Guest
Gavin Hardkiss aka HAWKE
2 Hour Set

Deck Support by DJs
Safety Scissors
Robot Hustle

The Transfer
Church and Market

GAVIN HARDKISS aka Hawke is a welcome anomaly in the electronic dance music world. One of his most distinguishing traits is his fierce determination to create songs and albums that are durable and lasting. His efforts are focused towards creating classic music that can be enjoyed for generations.

Honey is honored to have him begin our Tea with Honey summer series.

Lets get dubbed out baby!

http://www.virb.com/ghardkiss - his latest tracks
I recommend The Hardest Kiss (10 Minute Instrumental)
a new DJ mix available for download
his newest track is called Lindsay Lohan
his recording label from the 90's to now
his exhaustive listing of releases

Honey Soundsystem is a collective of San Francisco
DJs/Musicians/Promoters committed to a unique brand of nightlife and sound. We like classic looks, hot boys and their friends, public displays of sex, keen design, NYC 1959-1989, Detroit Geniuses, Chicago Fags, and California Stoners.

Honey Soundsystem also releases a collection of mixes by its DJs/Supporters every season. The Summer of Acid: 2007 Mixes Will be available in the coming weeks at www.honeysoundsystem.com.

Official Website: http://www.honeysoundsystem.com

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