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"Got a little bit of soul / Got a little bit of rock n' roll in my bones." Thus opens Taught to be Proud, the new studio album from San Francisco's bustling TEA LEAF GREEN, a band of youthful gypsies with an abundance of both rock & soul. You can feel it in their hair-raising live performances and you can hear it in the headlong rush of their latest release. Conjuring the spirit of '70s Bob Dylan, The Faces, and early Elton John, Tea Leaf Green takes classic sounds and remind us exactly why we lifted our lighters in the air in the first place. One senses open-ended possibilities with Tea Leaf Green. The sheer range contained on Taught to be Proud testifies to their grasp of reflective song craft, breezy pop, and expansive exploration, all laid on the rock solid foundation of bassist Ben Chambers and drummer Scott Rager. There's an embracing sweep to what this band does. They are bards for dispossessed ramblers, gamblers with no bankroll, and hobos waiting for the sunrise. The postmodern flower children sway to their beat — and the late night ravers sweat their way through TLG's garden. They are hope for disenchanted blue staters — and the best dance partner beer ever had in a red state. They make us remember our hips and that smiling isn't as hard as we usually make it. And they do it all without switching off deeper thoughts. In fact, they show us the wellspring of hope waiting inside the examined life. Smart and dynamic, it's a compelling combination that speaks to a bright future for this heart-strong quartet.

Tickets are $10.00 plus applicable service charges and go on sale Friday, August 4 at 10 a.m. and are available now online at ticketmaster.com or hob.com, at all Ticketmaster outlets or charge by phone at (206) 628-0888

Official Website: http://hob.com/tickets/eventdetail.asp?eventid=40501

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