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tbc. German Rock band "wir sind helden". From Wikipedia.org : Wir sind Helden (German for "We are heroes") is a German musical band. The categorisation of their music in to a distinct genre isn't easy. Often the band is placed into the area of the Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW, 'New German Wave'). Connections to other artists of the German rock-pop history can also be drawn from the type and style of the composition (music and lyrics), such as Rio Reiser or Hamburger Schule musicians.

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A peculiarity of the band is that its Guten Tag stormed into the German Singles' Charts and was played on MTV without having a major record label. With their debut album Die Reklamation the band premiered at number five in the German Album Charts, eventually reaching number two. Their second album, "Von Hier an Blind," has held the number one spot on both the German and Austrian charts since April 2005.

The band owes their excellent reputation especially to their numerous performances and their critical attitude towards consumer society in interviews. In relevant magazines of the German culture scene the German-language lyrics are almost unanimously given praise for their wit and charm.

Wir sind Helden are supported by various other bands at their numerous performances, in particular Astra Kid and the one man band Olli Schulz und der Hund Marie are indebted to WSH for an increased level of public recognition.

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