622 SE Grand Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

We realize we can't be the only people in the Portland tech community who still need to do our taxes, so we're holding a tax party. Come to CubeSpace, bring your tax forms, get things done.

We're attempting to get some people who know what they're talking about to answer questions.

Bring food, beer, and stronger libations to share.

Added by reidab on April 9, 2009


Bram Pitoyo

Emphasis on “stronger libations,” please.


Thank goodness 11:00am is a perfectly reasonable time to start drinking in Portland :)


So grateful for the motivation. I think I got it together *if* I can find my H& R Block log in from last year.

Natronics is right about the day and time, and Cubespace is right about the season, it being *perfect* to begin drinking heavily.