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The inauguration of President Barack Obama was a magnificent celebration. Now that celebrating is over. President Obama and his administration have begun the difficult task of dealing with the numerous woes of our country. Americans have returned to their lives, many wondering whether they'll be able to find or keep their jobs and their homes; whether they'll be able to afford healthcare as premiums skyrocket and in the absence of healthcare, how or if they'll meet their medical needs; whether their children will be able to attend colleges and universities and if they're able to afford it. Yet, in Obama, millions hold insistently to the real possibility for change. Thus there is realistic hope.

In ACCOUNTABLE: Making America as Good as its Promise Tavis Smiley, with co-author Stephanie Robinson, Esq., says now is not the time to be a spectator. As citizens, "we need all hands on deck, regardless of background, socioeconomic level or ethnicity. Our mission is to equip citizens with the appropriate tools to assess the performance of our elected leaders and ourselves," writes Smiley. "Accountable is the yardstick for measuring whether our politicians, and our leaders, and ourselves have satisfied their respective duties in our democracy. Our purpose is clear and nonpartisan, we pull no punches. It is the job of politicians to make promises, but it is the job of the people who elect them to make sure they keep them."

Tavis Smiley is a nationally known intellectual, activist, political commentator, entrepreneur, and radio and television personality. He founded the ground-breaking and historic State of the Black Union series. Smiley has authored several best-selling books, including The Covenant of Black America and The Covenant in Action.

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