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Rolling Stone hailed them as "contenders" and Vanity Fair called them "ones to watch." They've shared stages with the likes of Linkin Park and Queens of the Stone Age, blanketed the airwaves with hook-laden rock radio hits and saw all three of their albums (2000's Gift, 2002's Welcome, 2005's Blue Sky Research) chart within the top 35 on Billboard's Top 200. We're talking of course about Ann Arbor, MI-based quartet TAPROOT, who have returned with their first album in three years-the highly anticipated OUR LONG ROAD HOME.

OUR LONG ROAD HOME reveals a revitalized band with a broadened range and deepened perspective. The album combines the feral ("Take It") with the grandiose ("Footprints") while exploring themes of loss ("Be The One"), liberation ("Run To") and the emotional carnage in-between. On tracks such as “Hand That Holds True" and smoldering lead single “Wherever I Stand," Taproot blends iron-fisted backbeats, honeyed melodies and speaker-shattering guitars to thrilling effect. Additional highlights include the mile-high hook of “You're Not Home Tonight" and the electrifying “It's Natural," which features guest vocalist Kristin Von Burnthal. “It's the first time we've had someone else sing on one of our songs," says Richards. “Tim heard the track and thought having another voice would add a nice color to the tone. He was right; Kristin sounds amazing."

After recording three albums for a major label, OUR LONG ROAD HOME will be Taproot's first as an indie band, and as Richards tells it, that suits them just fine. “Budget cuts and political shifts cost us our support system at the old place," he says. “When our A&R guy lost his job, we knew it was time for a change. A few years ago, that might've been a scary thing, but it's a brand-new world out there now for bands like us. We no longer have to rely on a big record company to make things happen and that's exciting. We made this record without the pressure of having to write four smash hit singles hanging over our heads and that was liberating. “Of course," he laughs, “there are a few songs on the album that could do really well on radio."

OUR LONG ROAD HOME will be released through Velvet Hammer, the label founded by the management company of the same name (System Of A Down, Deftones, Alice In Chains).

About the album title, guitarist Mike DeWolf says, “It's based on the idea that everything you ever wanted is right inside of you, you just have to dig and find it," adds guitarist Mike DeWolf. “It's been a long road for us, but it was all right here all along. We just had to come home to find it."

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