2573 3rd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Mandatory RSVP here (they won't let you in without it):

From the Organizers:

Over the past 490+ episodes, Gary has worked to demystify and democratize the world of wine by presenting history's prized beverage in a straight-forward style... void of fluff, cultural elitism or pretension.

Now, it's time for number 500! The 500th episode of Wine Library TV will be shot here at Crushpad on July 10th. Are you ready to be a part of this milestone? After the director yells cut, we'll sip, snack and admire Gary's collection of action figures.

In the spirit of good cheer, we encourage you to bring a bottle or bite to share. If you attended last year's session at Fort Mason or the barrel tasting here last December, you know the BYOB experience is an absolute highlight. Sparkling wines, light footed white varietals or brooding reds... there's room for everything.

Official Website: http://applications.crushpadwine.com/event/62.1

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DailyTechTalk will be there!


I am pretty sure its 21+, right?


yes it is


I'm so upset that I missed this event. Had to much work today to make the drive up from Modesto.