70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Tami Stronach Dance presents: An evening with Tami Stronach Dance & special guestsTami StronachGina KohlerJames MorrowKris LenzoWendell Cooper Tami Stronach will perform an excerpt from her recent work But Its For You. A highly physical solo that winds in and around itself set against a backdrop of clear suspended balloons. The New Yorker describes it as an exposed evocation of night sweatsthere is a wise, funny-sad tartness to its view of the emotional business of giving and receiving (2008) Passage Hawk choreographed by James Morrow challenges the genre of wheelchair dancing finding nontraditional ways of exploring both movement and the use of the apparatus itself. Performed by Olympian Kris Lenzo, National Champion in Wheelchair Track and Basketball, Passage Hawk, takes its participants on a journey of a young hawk during its first migration. Using urban dance forms and multi media, James Morrow will perform a solo exploring the many facets of perfection and perdition. It is out of these two concepts that the relationship between human beings and their Gods were born and have developed, to the point of turning into an intricate labyrinth. "Wendell Cooper's work explores the role of sacred art in the age of new media." Dream [factories] a new work by artist Gina Kohler, exposes the politics of womens bodies. Making visible the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and the media. Kohler explores the relationship between ornamentation and crime, violence and desire. dream [factories] questions the consumption and mediation of the body that occurs through surveillance and the spectacle of the theater. This work pushes the boundaries of the traditional proscenium stage and challenges hierarchical systems of techniques. Through resistance to patriarchal capitalist systems, Kohler uses her body and voice as a site for transgression and mobilization. She interrogates the real.Doors Opne: 6.30PM

Official Website: http://www.americantowns.com//events/tami-stronach-dance-presents-dance

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