West 135th Street and Convent Avenue
Harlem, New York 10031

This spirited, tragi-comedy follows the lives of Laura Reed and Essie Bell Johnson who decide to start their own gospel church on a street corner in Harlem. Laura dreams of becoming rich and famous while Essie genuinely desires to serve the Lord and her community. When the Devil (not a symbol or metaphor, but Beelzebub himself!) enters the picture, the conflict intensifies between the two women, their community and their faiths. As these powerful forces collide and the conflict between the characters spirals out of control, Laura and Essie fight to find their way back from the ravages of Hell to the glories of salvation.

The HRT’s production of TAMBOURINES TO GLORY is a theatrical experience that will have you laughing, terrified and tearful as you take this entertaining journey from sin to redemption with Laura and Essie.

Official Website: http://harlemrepertorytheatre.org

Added by Harlem Repertory Theatre on July 23, 2008