Black Lion Street
Brighton, England

An informal meeting for everyone interested in exploring and expanding the use of IT for the cultural sector.

We hope to start a local group which will bring together geeks, museums and other cultural organisations devoted to the preservation and communication of our heritage.

It would be great if you could come and contribute to the discussion, or just enjoy a few drinks in our company!

Official Website:

Added by val.cartei on June 23, 2008



dang. Can't do Tues.

Ru Harper

I'll be there. With bells on.

Mat Walker

Are there any representatives from museums going?

Mat Walker

Gah, don't think I'll be able to make it now. Anyone fancy meeting for coffee one lunchtime?


Well that was really cool, we got:
- lots of ideas and inspiration
- a date (TBC)
- a list of people who might do talks
- one person who will definitely do a talk

Once we've got a name we'll setup various online things like a mailing list etc.

We will probably meet for coffee one morning before the first talk so those of you who couldn't make it tonight please come along we'd love to get more people's input.