132 Eddy Street @ Mason
San Francisco, California 94103

Official Website: http://www.rxgallery.com

Added by hellomynameis on January 26, 2007



Tako has been DJing since the early nineties, and currently spins an eclectic bag of disco, funk, house, electronic oddities, afro/space music, without neglecting the classics. He plays rough, emotionally, deeply, and his selection knows no boundaries as he often intends to surprise his crowds. Tako spins alongside numerous greats, to name a few: I-f, Daniel Wang, Darshan Jersani, Intergalactic Gary, Indecs, Dr. Nishimura, Chee Shimuzu, Max404, Stefan Robbers and of course long-time musical counterpart Loud-E. An internationally acclaimed dancefloor manipulator, Tako has rocked heads from Belgium to Italy, the UK to Japan, Germany to Iceland, and now the next conquest, the USA and Canada. Aside from playing out, Tako produces disco edits known as Magick Edit Allstars.

Loud-E is a veteran of the underground dance music scene, and like Tako, has been rocking crowds since the early 90s. He is a true deep digger and has managed to clean out every flea-market imaginable, leaving no room for competition from his peers. His determination and his ear for unusual synth-based records has allowed Loud-E to evolve into a musically unique individual, his style being admired and respected by many but never equaled. His selection is a hard hitting and immaculate blend of deep space synthesizer music and European hully gully disco; this strange array of 70s bleeps and pornovibes he calls Discoine! Loud-E's prolific disco edits are a household name among Europe's finest DJs. He has completely trans- formed disco cheese into beautiful sonic landscapes, mix-tools brought back to the dancefloor after years of collecting dust. In 2006 he was invited to DJ with legendary Italian DJ Beppe Loda!


I can't wait for this... gonna get my disco on! ;)