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More and more people are transforming themselves from media consumers to producers - using the new tools, software and technologies now at their disposal. From the expanding realm of free and open source software (FLOSS), to peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution and 'pervasive' mobile and locative technologies, the possibilities exist as never before to create and disseminate our opinions and experiences through our own media.

The TAKEAWAY Festival of do-it-yourself Media, will help you to
understand what it's all about and how to take part in the revolution!

A three day event at the Dana Centre, Science Museum consisting of
talks, practical workshops and an open submission exhibition of work from Undergraduate and Graduate courses using digital media in some form. The aim is to provide access to examples of digital media and the technologies used to create them.

The aim of the second Takeaway Festival is the same as the first. To
exhibit quality examples of artists’ work in digital media, to
disseminate knowledge of current artistic practices and to contribute to the debate concerning proprietary and open source commercial models for business. The Takeaway Festival helps visitors and businesses consider how acceptance of a do-it-yourself approach to all kinds of technical know-how and expertise can benefit artistic practice and the wider creative economy of the UK.

Workshops will cover hardware hacking, electronics, real time musical composition, kit assembly of consumer products, software master classes and opportunities for discussion with key speakers and exhibitors. Speakers from abroad will enable artists and business to benefit from important initiatives in the US and Europe.

The Takeaway Festival’s aim is to exhibit work from artists who are
ambitious about the use of digital media in their practice. It is also
about empowerment and creating situations where visitors can become involved rather than remaining passive observers. This empowerment can only occur alongside in depth understanding and appropriation of new concepts. The Festival aims to foster dynamic learning by activity led, open workshops.

Official Website: http://www.takeawayfestival.com

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