1021 7th St. NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

a night of short films and readings from Barrelhouse Literary Magazine

Warehouse Screening Room
doors at 8pm. admission is $5.
1017-1021 7th St, NW DC.

Selections from the first and second issues of Barrelhouse will be
read. And a program of short films will be presented, all from current or former DC filmmakers.


The Stories

Cool (from Barrelhouse 1)
by David Barringer
Few things are harder than growing up, but one of them is watching your kids do it. That's especially true if your kid is as cool as Lance. In seeing his son's burgeoning popularity, the narrator of this story by David Barringer is forced to reflect on his childhood unease and the fact that his son's life and future are beyond his control.

Go Fish (from www.barrelhousemag.com)
by Mary Miller
Dana is trying to change herself. She's drinking less, going to church more, and sleeping with fewer people. However, a night in a hotel room with her brother's band has her questioning whether her recent reformation is the right way to go.

Ft. Smith Arkansas: A Monologue (from Barrelhouse 2)
by Justin Taylor
The story of what happens when a northerner gets stranded at gas station in the deep south for twenty four hours. How many fried potato wedges and forty ounce bottles of Pepsi can he consume?

Three Piece Combo with Drink (from Barrelhouse 2)
by Tom Williams
A struggling author agrees to novelize the history of his favorite fast food chain. The result makes him an unlikely literary star with a best-selling book and a successful speaking tour. Unfortunately, the fame he acquires isn't exactly the sort he wants.

The Movies

Dead Kitty
by Rachel Max
Sometimes we mourn the loss of a family pet. Sometimes we make a funny cartoon about it.

One Thing
by Bert Mains
A young man deals with the passing of his abusive father in a film told both in action and in stills.

Bread Story
by Andy Bely
An elderly man searches the city of Prague for his morning loaf of bread.

An Impression: Dischord Records
by Leena Jayaswal and Kylos Brannon
A documentary about the long running DC underground record label.

by Andy Bely
A man tries to enjoy his day by offering a neighborhood free refreshment only to discover that no good deed goes unpunished.

The T of Pennsylvania
by Bert Mains
One brother desperately wants out of his hometown. Another digs himself deeper into a corrupt lifestyle by staying. A somber look at growing up in and wanting out of post industrial small town Pennsylvania.

Exploratory Surgery
by Kylos Brannon
Kristen wants to get out of her hometown, but she's trapped there, at least for the day, with her deadbeat brother Dale as they wait for their mother who is undergoing a "routine surgery." A humorous look at family dynamics and wanting out of post industrial small town Pennsylvania.


April 9th. 7 to 9pm.
Endless Mountain Theatres
Scranton PA

May 12th. 7 to 9pm.
New York City

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