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see the latest TBA 2008 conference agenda topics and speaker list.

In this critical year, Take Back America will bring together all of the tribes of the progressive movement—grassroots and netroots activists, elected officials, business owners, policy experts and more. Together, we will generate new power for our movement for change based on a new vision and bold ideas for an America that works for everyone, not just the few.

Driving the Debate in 2008 and Beyond

Five themes at the heart of the progressive agenda will be the focus of Take Back America 2008:

Economic Strategy for America in the Global Economy
Green Jobs for a Sustainable Energy Future
Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
Out of Iraq to Real Security
The New Social Justice Agenda

Who’s Coming to Take Back America 2008?

Dozens of progressive leaders are scheduled to appear at Take Back America 2008. They include:

Andrea Batista-Schlesinger
Chris Bowers
Majora Carter
Robert Greenwald
Jane Hamsher
Van Jones
Naomi Klein
Robert Kuttner
Norman Lear
Mary Beth Maxwell
Al Meyerhoff
Eli Pariser
Rick Perlstein
Joel Rogers
Representative Jan Schakowsky
Krysten Sinema
David Sirota

Check back for updates to this list. We’ve invited a cross-section of people at the forefront of the progressive movement. TBA 2007 was a record-breaking gathering of progressive leadership. Click here for last year’s highlights.

Some of the sessions we’re developing include:

The Crackup of Conservatism: Left on Right
Building our Own Media
An Economy that Works for Working People
The Emerging New Progressive Majority
Empowering Workers
Global Warming: The National Security Imperative
Green Collar Jobs: The New Green Deal
Media Reform
A New Social Contract
The Politics of Health Care
The Strategy to End the War

Official Website: http://www.ourfuture.org/take-back-america-2008

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