405 E 42nd St
New York, New York

THIS MONDAY, The Burmese Foreign Minister will address the UN General Assembly. Please join several Burma groups at the Burmese UN Mission in New York to tell the world the truth about the Saffron Revolution in Burma . Two events have been planned in response to his speech on Monday...

When: Monday, October 1, 12 pm - 1 pm,
Where: Burmese Mission to UN, 10 E 77th St (near 5th Ave )
Contact: Geoff at [email protected]

This will be followed by a Rally at the UN:
When: Monday, October 1, 1pm - 6pm
Where: 47th Street & 1st Avenue

Come with Signs that say "UNSC ARMS EMBARGO NOW!" and wear a RED SHIRT in support of the Saffron Revolution!

Every major media outlet in the world will be covering his words, and the world must know what we have to say in response. Therefore, we need big numbers -- please try to bring as many people as possible.

If you can't make it this Monday, we will be at 47th street & 1st Avenue on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-6pm.

The time to act is now -- let's show our solidarity with the people fighting up for democracy in Burma.

For more news on the protests, http://theburmacampaign.wordpress.com/.

In Solidarity,

Thelma Young

(Reposted from the U.S. Campain for Burma mailing list.)

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