Ruston Way and Ferdinand St.
Tacoma, Washington

A Fireworks Extravaganza!

Here is a sneak preview of the spectacular grand finale to the Tacoma Freedom Fair, an event presented by the Tacoma Events Commission – a community-based, volunteer-driven, independent, non-profit organization – founded 30 years ago. The fireworks barge will be placed in location ½ mile west of the old spot in line with the Old Town Dock. From now on the barge will be centered within the middle of the event site on the Ruston Way waterfront. Many more attendees will now be able to find great viewing locations along Ruston Way from the parks and properties close to where event activities take place throughout the day.

The fireworks show will begin at 10:10 PM and last approximately 21 minutes. It will include shells ranging from 3 inches on up to 10 inches in diameter - the size of basketballs! The height the fireworks shell reach after firing will vary depending on size. The largest will reach a height of almost a quarter of a mile before bursting.

The display will be synchronized to a soundtrack broadcast from sound systems on several stages, on Warm 106.9 FM, and KLAY AM 1180, so bring a radio. The fireworks will be digitally discharged to match the musical score. Powered by two laptop computers, the show has been set to a musical score designed to create a spectacular theme that dances in the Fireworkssky. The soundtrack includes arrangements by John Williams, patriotic songs, and familiar rock classics. As always, there is something for everyone!

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