115 S. Division
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Come out for a night of killer music at the DAAC.

SYCAMORE SMITH (http://www.sycamoresmith.com)
Acoustic/punk/comedy from the UP of Michigan
So--where were you those first few harrowing years of the 21st century? Sycamore Smith was kicking a bass drum and kazooing his nuts off as one-half of the Michigan folk-punk duo "the Muldoons." That band broke up, so now Mr. Smith strums his guitar, blows his kazoo and warbles his tunes all by his lonesome. But really--who cares about the music? Lyrics have always been Smith's forte, and his scribblings focus on the gruesomely funny exploits of dip-shit characters whose twisted histories unfold over the course of countless interconnected songs. Sycamore Smith has released three solo EPs since 2005. These recordings have been described as "dream-like," but only by Sycamore himself. And he qualifies that by adding, "These are the kinds of dreams you might have if you ate your own foot before going to sleep."
[Article by R. S. Shitmaycome of Pike City, Michigan]
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CLEAR DAYS ALWAYS (http://www.myspace.com/cleardaysalways)
experimental / acousitic / pop from Grand Rapids, MI
Described by one GR resident as "acoustic love," Clear Days Always is the home for all the songs Levi Bailey writes that don't fit very well with his "other band." (Spit for Athena) Be ready for anything from this band.

CANADA (http://www.myspace.com/canada)
indie/folk rock/ pop from Ann Arbor
The band known as CANADA has fast become the answer to the stuffy misaligned garage scene that has largely monopolized Detroit's weary image in the minds of the masses. THIS is what music from the mitten is about...and it's the scene you should've been hearing from all along.
CANADA is a seven piece musical collective hailing from the Ann Arbor area of Michigan. CANADA was conceived in late 2004 when a group of mild mannered acquaintances who all happened to play various musical machines gathered together in a basement full of rain and chandeliers and began writing. Shortly after, they convened on a farm just outside of Ann Arbor and crafted their songs from the air and from the earth. From these gatherings came the beginnings to what would lead up to This Cursed House.
CANADA has just wrapped up a tour with Page France as well as a short tour with their dear friends Saturday Looks Good to Me. Please prepare yourself to feel overly charmed. Imagine a scenario where The Arcade Fire shows up at Sufjan's backwoods cabin with blankets and board games, and you'll likely capture the aura that has surrounded such an incredibly "worth it" band.
Canada played at SXSW and will be playing at CMJ this fall.
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3 bands for 5 bones. That's some serious value people. See you there.

Official Website: http://www.g-rad.org/cal/2007/09/sycamore-smith.php

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