4422 Lareina Drive
Austin, Texas 78745

Come on down and meet fellow Flickrites! The Austin group on Flickr is organizing a get-together at the Cathedral of Junk! As a bonus, some of the Flickr team from San Francisco will be in town -- they are sponsoring drinks and may have some free swag to give away as well! And, if it goes as usual, Flickr members from around the world will be there!

Take photos of each other and the giant tower made completely of junk! Take the stairway to the top. Donations to the crazy Cathedral are welcome too!

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/discuss/72157603854813346/

Added by tommune on February 5, 2008



fun fun fun! hopefully i'll get my camera fixed in time!

also, i added this to the shared community calendar at Insider's Guide


OH this sounds like an AWESOME time! I'll have my camera for sure!


Looking forward to it.


Should be fun! But PLEASE TRY TO CAB OR CARPOOL. It's a tiny, tiny street the Cathedral is on!


oh pooh - I'll be in Tarrytown beforehand. Anyone in that area can carpool? Anyone meeting at TFB beforehand for that matter?


I had a great time and enjoyed meeting all of you. Remember to tag all the photos you took at the event upcoming:event=425404 so they show up in the badge to the right and on Flickr: Photos tagged with upcoming:event=425404! =)


ooh cool - didn't know we could do that -- thanks for the heads up.


This was sooo fun! So glad I went. Have about 90 photos on flickr from this event.


Interested 292