Austin Convention Center
Austin, Texas

I am trying this year to mobilize a group UI designers, interaction designers, and front-end gurus for discussions, networking, and sharing experiences.

Last year we had a very small group I would like to get even more people together. Meet up at 7:00 p.m. near the "LEGO" area at the convention center. See the picture I updated. I will be around the area starting around 6:00 or so...

For those that do not know the LEGO area is on the first floor near the TRINITY Street Exit. Look for the area with tables and lots of legos around.

I think to make this easier I will have one of those LIMO signs "UI DESIGNERS" (I'm not joking)

More information to come!

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This is still a go so I will post some more information if the venue changes. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Don't be afraid to say you are going.

I put together a list of SXSW survival tips. I hope everyone enjoys and can use some of these tips

I look foward to meeting many of you.


Well I was just looking a the 10 day forecast for AUSTIN. It looks like the first 2 days it's going to be 40 with rain.

It's so much better when the weather is awesome especially since we have to walk everywhere.

Be sure to bring some warm clothes and check the weather reports in a few days.


Wow the list of people wanting to meet up keeps growing by the day. That is great!


If you are so inclined you can follow me on twitter:

I usually don't become very active untill the event starts.


In line if you see me say! Lego area not setup so please standby for pending location instructions still at conference center


I am located right next to the LEGO area

Look for the laptop with the message on it - User Experience Design & Gathering....


Just step right up and introduce yourself