7311 Decker Lane
Austin, Texas TX 78724

The Texas Star Rodeo is actually on from the 29th of February to the 15th or March. However the first day of SXSW is mostly registration, so I thought it could be fun to round up a few stray attendees and head on over. Expect lots of cowboy hats, bucking broncos and chilie cook-offs. Oh, and a monkey that rides a sheepdog (http://beefandpie.com/video/whiplash.html)

Official Website: http://www.rodeoaustin.com/default.php

Added by andybudd on January 20, 2008



On that monkey/sheepdog clip, as the "its rodeo time" caption came on and we cut away, I'm sure the monkey was about to fall sideways off that dog. But because he's tied on, he'd be dragged along underneath. Nice.


Also for meat-eaters the 7th is the first day of the BBQ cook-off at the rodeo (Its on between the 7th and 9th of March), another reason it is the perfect day for us to go :D - Apparently BBQ is a sport at Rodeos, there are lots of BBQ 'rigs' set up having been cooking meet for 48 hours, they all give away free BBQ meats (and probably vegetables too) you donate money to charity at the one you like best.

We went to the Rodeo the at the 2005 SXSW, if you still need convincing to go: http://flickr.com/photos/nataliedowne/sets/72057594085417185/ There is a petting zoo with baby llamas, buffelo and deer, a cow parade of texas longhorn cows, very big trucks, pretend shooting matches and plenty of country and western music.


Free BBQ meats?

Sweet Jesus!


I suggest that we all head over to the convention centre early, then meet outside the Hampton at 2pm to grab taxis over to the rodeo.

Jim Callender

count me in.


was just about to ask how we're all planning on getting there. anyone know how far out the grounds are? I'm totally in. How much fun will THIS be!

Ms. Jen

Count me in. I need to go to Whole foods in the morning to stock up, rodeo in the afternoon would be very good.


I'll need a lift, but I'm *so* up for this.


just make sure you're back in time for battledecks!

chris mills

This looks awesome ;-)


Really looking forward to this. Good plan!


Anyone know how to hire or charter a bus ... tis about 30 mins out of town. When we went last time we took a taxi but got stood up at the end of the evening so had to hitchhike a pickup truck home with a couple of drunk Texans!


see you all at 2pm then, or at the convention centre for registration, this looks excellent


UPDATE: Now gonna meet in the Hampton at 3:30pm!


See you at 3.30, looking forward to it.