One Ferry Building
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94111

Jealous of all your friends at SXSW? Sick of hearing of all the fun they're having over Twitter? Hungry for burgers and a cool frosty milkshake?

Then come to the South by San Francisco dinner on Tuesday!

Some of us are just too cool for SXSW - and Texas is a red state! Flyover country at best! What's that about?

We're all going to meet up at Taylor's Refresher at the Ferry Building on
Tuesday at 6pm. Remember it's going to be daylight savings time so it should be nice and warm out on the Embarcadero.

Taylor's Refresher has a menu online for all your Atkins or Vegan types:

Added by sfburtonator on March 10, 2007



Great idea, Kevin.

If I managed to drag my ass up to SF, I'll be there.


I couldn't agree more... Texas gives me the willies

see you there


well if my flight from Austin gets in quickly... I'll try to stop by. :) (or heck - if you really want to be like SXSW this year - twitter where the afterparty is...)


Can't make it... just too swamped today. Great idea though.