850 Russet Dr
Sunnyvale, California


7:00 to 7:15 pm Refreshments and Networking. (Note: the Parking lot at Las Palmas Park may be full at 7:00 pm due to games in the park, so that you may need to park on the street.)

7:15 m to 7:45 pm (approximately) Presentation(s) on AB 1358, the California Complete Streets Act of 2008, by Dan Hafeman, Eleanor Hansen, and Tammy Salens. This new law (signed by the Governor on 09/30/08) is important both as background for our final work on M.A.E.P. and for our efforts working on the General Plan review which is expected to start in early 2009. The presentation will focus on only a small portion of this law and that copies of that portion will be provided for your review. Patrick Grant has been invited to talk about increased bicycle lanes for Sunnyvale. This will be followed by a question and answer period.

7:45 to 8:00 pm Presentation by Eleanor Hansen -- what the M.A.E.P. E.I.R. tells us about (unmitigated) increased traffic in residential neighborhoods due to business development in Sunnyvale.

8:00 to 8:50 pm Review of procedures for presentations at City Council meetings and for writing letters to City Council and presentation even at evening of meeting. A review of talking points that can be used will follow. A copy of possible talking points will be reviewed.

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We have also created a wiki at http://MaryAve.wikispaces.com so neighbors can discuss this virtually if they can't make the physical meeting on the 20th. Please add your name to the VOTE NO citizen list on the wiki even if you don't have other ideas you'd like to share.