850 Russet Dr
Sunnyvale, California

(1) Let's plan to start at 7:00 pm with 20 minutes of refreshments and catching up with what we're all doing,

(2)Our feature speaker (7:20 pm to 8:20 pm) is

Craig Dunkerley
California Clean Money Campaign

California Clean Money Campaign is a non-profit, non-partisan group
working to bring public financing of campaigns to all levels of
government so candidates will have the option of running for office
without using special interest money from private groups. That way
when they get elected they don't owe any favors to anyone...except
the voters. It's been working very well in Arizona and Maine for the
last 10 years and now we may have a chance to bring it to Sunnyvale.

(3) Then Josh Salens can give us a report on activity at Full Circle

(4) Then we can discuss the status of the Mary Avenue Extension. At
Tammy Salens suggestion, I did ask and did receive the transcript of
the hearing of October 12, 2007. It has a lot of interesting points
in it that we can review.

As you may know, Gopal and Geeta have relatives visiting from India
and they are travelling with them this week. They expect to be back
on the 18th.

If there is anyone else who has a presentation (short is fine) that
they want to give, do let me know.

Eleanor Hansen

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