The Room Upstairs, 2nd floor, LRI Building (right in front of Alliance Francaise Manille), Nicanor Garcia (formerly Reposo) St.
Makati, National Capital Region 1227

Sweetspot Production night at The Room Upstairs



It's the classic trip hop set-up: two guys quiet guys in the background to tweak knobs and play instruments, with a hot female vocalist to enthrall the audience with her voice. But Drip goes beyond mere trip hop band cliches: they are meta-glamorous, a little dark, and seductively experimental. “Capable of giving you simulated bliss,” wrote the Manila Times about the trio. With an EP independently released in August of 2003 and constant live performances, Drip's cult status grew with Manila's musical cognoscenti. Drip's full-length album called “Far Side of the World” shoul be out soon as Terno Recording's third release. DRIP are: Beng Calma, Vocals Malek Lopez, live keyboards, sound design, programming Ian Magbanua, beats, programming."


Nyko Maca

"The raver-collides-with-gypsy of "Ritmo Batida" is the singularly most accessible of the pack, best embodying the electro-samba values which will get people cavorting on the dance floor and couples making out in the bushes. But elsewhere rhythm and blues, hip-hop, breakbeat and African drumming take the lead and push us into a territory that is at turns urban jiving, bebop swinging, b-boi pavement moves, flamenco erotic and funk.

Nyko’s voice is always fluid, always apt as she takes turns singing in five languages. She takes center stage when she needs to and sings behind the beat when it’s suitable. The music takes control and you can easily imagine this being played on a capoeira roda or game circle."
- Manila Bulletin Online

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