825 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

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Sweet Honey In The Rock focuses on music that challenges, inspires, teaches, encourages, and empowers audiences from all walks of life to become interested and involved in issues that are central to their lives. For over three decades, Sweet Honey In The Rock has celebrated our collective humanity, singing about the challenging issues of racism; social, economic, and environmental injustice; equal rights; and the greed that seems to be pulling our nation apart. The group has built a distinguished legacy as one of the most celebrated ambassadors of a cappella music, fusing five scintillating and soulful voices with the texture, harmonic blend, and raw quality that is indigenous and true to authentic a cappella music. They take audiences on journeys that span centuries of African-American history and culture — sound journeys that nurture and heal. In the tradition of artists in action — this is the group that sang at the rally when the University of Michigan defended its affirmative action position before the Supreme Court — Sweet Honey taps the spirit, encourages audiences to think, asks them to reflect, and inspires them to make a difference in their communities. Sign language interpreted.

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