in the alley behind 963 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

piracy - karaoke - conviviality

This Saturday is the Lunar New Year festival (the Year of the Golden Pig no less). Golden Dragon Parade. Firecrackers. Car show. The works. You and a hundred thousand other people all crammed into Chinatown. And after the festival winds down, everyone will try to simultaneously cram into the Chinatown bars...

But not you. You know a better place.

You know a place where you can get a drink for naught but a kindly donation. You know a place where people are actually interested in your extensive krautrock Mp3 collection. You know a place where you can sing karaoke to that one Disney song, in Italian.

You will turn to your posse and say: "Forget those crowded overpriced bars -- come follow me down this dark alley!"

Happy New Year, from Swap Meet.

- - - - - - -
Swap Meet is a monthly gathering where you can come with your favorite music files and trade them with other physical human people. Then, holler along with the dulcet tones of handcrafted MIDI karaoke. It’s like the Internet, but with people and beer.

(Now fortified with thousands of new karaoke files)

* a flash drive / CD / MP3 player / laptop containing your favorite files
* Your singin’ voice & dancin’ shoes
* An inner sense of joy in the face of our eroding cultural freedoms
* Dr1NkZ and sNaKz (or dollars of kindness)

Official Website:

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