Building D, 3410 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94304

SPEAKER: Bernie Maloney, PE

DESCRIPTION: Wish you could persuade stormtroopers these are not the 'droids they're looking for? How about lower communication barriers in the first 60 seconds of any meeting? Would you like to influence how others perceive you in interviews, when networking or working in pairs and teams?

In this interactive (that means audience participation!) session we'll cover:
* Why this works
* Simple, verbal techniques to build rapport fast
* Practice on how to build and break rapport (helpful to keep discussions concise!)
Come learn ways to build rapport instantly & influence without authority whether in person or simply over a phone

As an intra*preneurial leader, Bernie's grown businesses from break even to beyond $100M, leading through influence more than direct authority. His teams have delivered award winning retail PCs, IP convergent HDTVs, set top boxes and services. A passionate advocate for the Lean Starup Movement, Bernie believes a little structure goes a long way, and that it's possible to liberate latent potential in just about any one, or any group. In his current role at TiVo, he's getting to indulge that passion by spreading Agile frameworks and Lean principles to shift the culture to a new level of performance. In this talk, you'll get a taste of that same passion, here for increasing personal performance. He'll be sharing some simple, yet subtle techniques to shift communication effectiveness by a factor of 5 or more. And while he advises away from initial use with stormtroopers, executives and clients are fair game.

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