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Topic: Building a Cloud Platform for Real-Time Video: Learnings and Challenges

Abstract: Millions of consumers are using video chat every day, business video conferencing and immersive telepresence are growing and mobile video calling is catching on. However, video calling is no where near as reliable, consistent and ubiquitous as audio calls. What does it take to get there? This talk will cover the learnings and challenges in building and running a cloud platform for real-time video - addressing, interoperability, emerging standards, transcoding with CPU/GPU, quality of service over the Internet, firewall and security issues.

Alagu Periyannan, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Alagu has over 20 years of research, product development, and strategy experience bringing innovative networking and video products to market. Prior to founding Blue Jeans Network, he held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Blue Coat Systems, a leader in network security and WAN optimization appliances. During his tenure at Blue Coat he held various senior R&D management positions and was part of the management team responsible for leading the company through its successful repositioning from CacheFlow, a maker of web and video caching appliances, to Blue Coat. He also led the team that was responsible for the company's entry into the WAN optimization market. Prior to CacheFlow, Alagu was an early member of the management team at Entera, an Internet content delivery startup. He built an R&D team from the ground up to deliver streaming video caching products for the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market, culminating in a successful sale of the company to CacheFlow in 2000.

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