1875 South Bascom Ave., Suite 112,
Campbell, CA, California 95008

Achtung! Warning! We sticking with Coffee Society! Do not go to Barefoot or you will not be able to bask in the glow of 50 million flashbulbs.

This is the monthly meet for Flickr users and fans in the Silicon Valley. Users from the entire bay area are welcome... we don't bite ;)

Added by wirehead on July 21, 2006



during siggraph? tsk


i plan to be attending in august, i also plan to bring choclate fish from New Zealand


Bleh, this conflicts with a game night that I go to in the city.


Gack! Bowling 2.0 tomorrow AND Flickr meet. How did I manage to double-book myself?! Decisions decisions...


Elea, come! I'd say we could carpool, but I can walk there.


I'll try to come by after work to say hello. Do you guys want any flickr stickers etc, or are you already saturated?


Okay, I've missed too many of these things.


I'm saturated on the flickr stickr/buttn front, but there's always a meetup newbie or two around. :)

I'm actually superssaturated. If you stick a flickr stickr on me, I become a very nice flickr crystal. [Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame for making that joke.]