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SVASE Startup-U SFO: What are VCs looking for today? Join Scott Raney, RedPoint Ventures and Bob Spinner, Sigma

Start: 04/10/2008 - 11:45am
End: 04/10/2008 - 1:30pm
Timezone: Etc/GMT-7
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Contact Name: Anne Donker
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URL: www.svase.org/?q=node/730

What are VCs looking for today?

As the capital markets follow the fate of the real estate market, there is some concern that a changing economic outlook could have a ripple effect on the VC’s mindset.

Venture Capital has been strong in recent years, and by all accounts there’s still a lot of money for startups, but would a changing economic climate impact VC’s investment criteria? If so, how can you win investor’s confidence in a time of declining investment returns?

Join our panel of seasoned venture capitalists who will discuss:

How does a downturn impact VC’s investment criteria? What can you do to mitigate this change?

What should you expect when the economy tightens? For example, does a downturn in the market impact your startup’s valuation?

If there’s an upcoming shortage of available investment capital and investors are becoming more conservative, can you for example restructure your current business model to increase your chance to get an investor’s attention?

Does a slower economy spur investors to focus on certain investment realms?

Official Website: http://www.svase.org/?q=node/730

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