153 Townsend Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, California 94107

Event: 'StartUp-U SFO: Networking Into The Venture Community, With Stuart Skorman, Former CEO Of Reel.com'
Date: Thursday, February 08, 2007 At 12:00 Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Contact Info:
Location: DLA Piper 153 Townsend Street, Suite 800 San Francisco, CA 94107
Contact Name: Anne Donker Contact No: 415.378.3966 Email: [email protected]
URL: svase.org/index.php?option=com_extcalendar&Itemid=149&extmode=view&extid=584

Networking your way to a VC - Quick question.
What's more important: a break-through product idea or a big, robust rolodex bulging with the right contacts?
What do you do when the time comes to pitch your company to venture capitalists, mastering the art of networking is still an invaluable component. After all, personal referrals and introductions are the most effective (not to mention, required!) way to reach investors. So, if not only you know, but , remains a critical ingredient when it comes to funding development, how can you:

*choose and nurture your contacts for future value?

*And how exactly does networking put you fair and square onto that coveted VC firm's radar screen anyways?

how much time should you spend on it when all you want to do is be holed up in your garage perfecting that prototype?

Find out how best to leverage your existing contacts and equally important, learn of the best ways to network purposefully to create and attract new connections from our expert panel including

*Stuart Skorman, Former CEO of Reel.com, Founder, Chairman, CEO at Elephant Pharmacy, Founder, Chairman, CEO at Hungryminds.com.

Popular FAQs regarding Startup-U:

What is the cost of this event?
A $5 (member) or $15 (affiliate/non-member) registration fee, plus a $1.50 credit card processing fee, includes event and lunch, available through advanced online registration. A $10 or $20 fee is collected at the door.

What is the format of a Startup-U event typically?
Generally speaking, each event begins with an introduction by the host followed by a brief talk about SVASE and self-introductions by each of the attendees. After the introductions, the host introduces a speaker (usually 20 minute presentation, followed by group discussion) or the discussion topic; the exact format varies based on the host and that variety is what makes this event so exciting!

Who should attend?
Startup entrepreneurs, anyone thinking about forming a startup, service providers, angels and VCs active in the Silicon Valley information tech and biotech entrepreneur communities. Past participants include:

Current and aspiring entrepreneurs
Venture Capitalists, Angels and other members of the funding community
Service Providers (e.g. human resources, contract programming, etc.)
Independent Consultants (e.g. sales, marketing, engineering, etc.)

Do I need to be a member of SVASE to attend this event?
Non-members and guests of members are welcome to attend any 2 SVASE Startup-U events. Afterwards, we recommend that non-members become members of SVASE. For more information on the benefits of joining SVASE, please visit our website at www.svase.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=category┬žionid=4&id=100&Itemid=109&Itemid=59. You can also join at the event itself.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact the Host for this event: Anne, Dan, or Rob at [email protected]

This event is co-sponsored by DLA Piper, www.dlapiper.com.

Official Website: http://svase.org/index.php?option=com_extcalendar&Itemid=149&extmode=view&extid=584

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