1875 South Bascom Ave., Suite 112,
Campbell, CA, California 95008

This is the monthly meet for Flickr users and fans in the Silicon Valley. Users from the entire bay area are welcome...we don't bite. ;)

Disclaimer: Flickr cookies not necessarily included. There will, however, be chocolate chip cookies on hand!

Note: Although a print exchange was originally planned, it will not be happening this time around.

Added by itselea on December 6, 2006



I will not be there. I will be in PHL at the time.


Awww, that's too bad!


Wish i could be there! I'll be in Columbia, MD.


Ooh, cookies? Yay!

I just need to eat 'em fast, before Ken has time to think of a way to ruin everything...


Print exchange details?


May or may not be happening anymore...


Darn (because that could've been nifty)
and Good (because i don't have time to get prints set up :) )

Maybe for the future we can all just order some Moo minicards, shuffle them together, and deal them back out.

....Not as fancy as exchanging actual prints, but at least there'd finally be a reason to order Moo cards.


Wtf? I demand a print exchange. I see that there's no explanation so I am taking this into my own hands.

Bring your prints.

If you don't have any printed yet, Target gets them back to you within an hour. People were complaining that they were not punctual but I got my 6 prints just fine.

You just upload the photo to your Yahoo album (not Flickr) and select it to be printed. For pick-up they only allow glossy. You can't get a 5 x 7 but my 4 x 6's were just fine.

The UI is kinda crap and confusing, so be careful as you don't end up with more prints than you wanted.

First 10 prints are free.


The explanation is that the rules weren't written soon enough that we thought people had enough time to get prints ready. It was supposed to be 8x10, G to PG photos in an envelope. If everyone wants to still do the print thing and has time to get one of any size though, that'd be cool.


(Still @ work, will be late-ish as usual)