1875 South Bascom Ave., Suite 112,
Campbell, CA, California 95008

Flickr fans in the Silicon Valley, unite! This is our monthly meetup, usually on the 4th Monday of each month. Users from the entire Bay Area are welcome, so please join us and bask in the glow of 50 million flashbulbs.

Sometimes we have cookies, which means, we get to eat said cookies!

We are wild and crazy guys (and girls)!

Always with an abundance of creative photography!

So fun, it's like being drunk!

Added by Fenchurch on December 18, 2006



We might change the day for each monthly Flickr meet...


...and if we are, then we're gonna need suggestions on when to move it.

For me: Monday is best, but next best is Wednesday, followed by Tuesday.


Monday is typically best for me as it is the day I am least likely to be away on travel for work (which is usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday), or doing something else social (Friday/Saturday/Sunday).


Hey look! A discussion thread in the San Jose group: http://flickr.com/groups/sanjosephotos/discuss/72157594435048625/

: )


Dunno about this month, but would like to get upcoming announcements on it, hopefully this will subscribe me to future ones as well as the Jan'07 one.


I have Wednesday and Thursday evening classes this semester, so any other nights work for me.


strata: As far as I know, Upcoming doesn't work like that (yet), you'll have to attend/watch each meet-up individually.

Shouid be a feature, though... if only we had a contact within yahoo! we could annoy... ;)