1875 South Bascom Ave., Suite 112,
Campbell, CA, California 95008

Achtung! Warning! We are trying a new location! Do not go to the old one or you will not be able to bask in the glow of 50 million flashbulbs.

This is the monthly meet for Flickr users and fans in the Silicon Valley. Users from the entire bay area are welcome... we don't bite ;)

Added by wirehead on June 17, 2006



Of course I'm missing this! Of. course. And it's only a block from my house, too - for shame.

Enjoy it, everyone!


Actually, we do bite. Hard.


I'm excited about the new location, but I'll be in San Diego that night watching Radiohead. Maybe I can sneak my camera in.


Why the new location?


Damn - one day, I will make a SV Flickr meet, but I *gots* to see Will Wright at the Herbst Theater in SF that night.


We're going to the cafe that I frequently haunt. Be warned of black-clad hipsters and punk/goth teens!


I dunno, we might kidnap their very souls. Then distribute them freely over that world wide web thingy, that tends to piss em off.