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So in Febuary, we had a great stroll through Alviso and Drawbridge.

This month, we're going to not get ourselves quite so messy and stroll through downtown San Jose!

The sunset is at 6:19 and civil twilight extends to 6:45 (uncivil twilight is another matter entirely). The moon will be more than half full and low in the sky after sunset.

The theme is crossprocessed film. If you want to borrow somebody else's film camera, we've got cameras to lend out if you let us know beforehand. If you don't have a scanner, I (or one of the other folk) can scan the resulting film for you.

And if you hate film that much, you can still come along, of course. :)

Added by wirehead on March 4, 2006



Oh, I can do this because it is later in the day - yay!


I'll be iffy for this one, depending on my workload for the week. Where exactly is everybody meeting anyway? New York? That's kinda far for me.


Okay, anybody who wants me to pick up a roll or three of film from B&H had better let me know tonight. It'll be between $3 and $9 a roll depending on what I get.


I'm new to the SV Flickr group, but I'd like to attend - any more specific info on where to meet (besides downtown San Jose)?


Downtown SJ is a small place, but we still need an exact place.


The current thinking is that we're going to be meeting at the Oakridge Mall.


I would guess people are car pooling from Oakridge mall, but I live close to Downtown. It would be easier for me to where Downtown people want to start from and meet you there.


Hey everyone, let's meet at Oakridge Mall, non-restaurant side, near Anna's Linens, which is between Sears and Macy's. Map, arrow points to the location:ℑ=/images/floorplans/oakridge_&reset_cache=


Sorry you guys, I'm not going to be able to make this meet. Have fun!


I can't make it either, maybe next time!