1785 Pomar Way
Walnut Creek, California 94598

The idea for this event is that we have potluck brunch together in a large, comfortable meeting space I have available, and during brunch we share information about sustainable practices. Areas could include:

- Energy conservation
- Recycling
- Gardening
- Book recommendations
- Green products
- Solar power or other power generation
- Diet and cuisine
- Clothing
- Battery technology
- Home cleaning products
- Company recommendations
- Transportation of any kind

I'll be demonstrating a few things I've done at home that have radically reduced my use of energy, and also provided other advantages.

We will make brunch together, then have a round robin session in which everyone contributes information, tips and critique on sustainable practices. This should be a very informative session, as everyone has different and often complementary information.

Please note that part of the purpose of this meeting is to help determine the most helpful practices in creating a sustainable society. Therefore, we may analyze any aspect of the information presented by anyone in the group. As part of the process, we may discover that certain practices make less sense or more sense than first appeared. This process is ultimately good for everyone, and should be encouraged.

In other words, this is a discussion, and a means of discovery, not a "do this, don't do that" list, and doctrinaire attitudes are completely unwelcome. Let's just talk, and see what we can figure out together, based on honest good sense and accurate information.

This is also a potluck, and we have access to a large kitchen including two microwaves, a standard electric stove, sink and refrigerator. Please mention in a note in your RSVP what you will be bringing.

One serious request:

Please do not bring too much food. It's almost always a problem at potlucks that there is too much food, and a lot of that food gets thrown out. That's always unfortunate, but for a meeting on sustainable practices, it's particularly inappropriate.

Please bring only a small amount of food. The combination of what everyone brings will be enough for us all, and should provide wonderful variety.

You are welcome to bring food that needs to be cooked, because as I said we will have access to a large, complete kitchen.

I look forward to our brunch, and our discussion.

See you there!

From 680, exit at Geary/Treat Blvd., and proceed south on Treat. After a few lights, turn right onto Candelero, then an immediate left onto a very brief section of Olmo, then an immediate right onto Pomar, then an immediate left into the parking lot in front of the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is the first structure on the left after the right turn from Olmo Way. It's a single story building, with large black solar water heating panels all over the roof. The entry is a set of double doors, mostly glass. There will be a Linkup bag on the double doors.

Official Website: http://bayarealinkup.com/event_detail.php?eid=15326

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