Ann Arbor, Michigan

/Special Guest Speaker/:* **Robin Chase, Founder and Former CEO, Zipcar*

We are on the verge of a transportation-information revolution. New
?mesh? networking and sensor technologies applied to transportation
enable us to collect, organize, and transmit information from anywhere
to anywhere at very low cost and with a greatly reduced investment. Much
like the combustion engine at the turn of the last century, these new
digital applications could transform the way we think about and
experience transportation, and hold promise as a catalyst for economic

In this presentation, Robin Chase will explore and explain how we can
use cheap and ubiquitous information to reduce congestion, to improve
the quality of transit alternatives, to shift our relationship with
transportation modes, to be a catalyst for new service options
(including the successful ZipCar car-sharing model now thriving in
several major American cities) and to link driving more closely with its
true costs. The presentation will be of interest to academics,
professionals, and interested citizens. Robin's visit is made possible
with thanks to the Loeb Fellowship Alumni Council, Harvard Graduate
School of Design.

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