50 Phelan Ave (cross street Ocean Ave)
San Francisco, California 94112-1821


And here's your formal invitation to the First Annual Sustainability
Film Festival, brought to you by the good ol' U.S. and A.

The Urban Sustainability Alliance has prepared an epic span of films
specially suited to stimulate, inform, excite and freak you the f*ck

All of this wonder is yours to behold, free of charge, Monday,
December 4th, 2006, between the hours of 11:15 am and 10 pm, at the
Diego Rivera Theater, on City College of San Francisco's lovely
Phelan Campus. The line up will be as follows (allowing for minor
deviations due to technical difficulty, human error, change of plans,
and/or conversations that take place between the films that are just
too hard to stop within reasonable time):

- 11:15 am: CIty Of Cycles: A look at bicycle-friendly urban
planning in Copenhagen (they've also decriminalized drugs there!).

- 11:45 am: Food Justice: A Growing Movement (the first screening):
A short new (2006) documentary about Bay Area efforts to combat
environmental racism and increase healthy food access for low income
people. Includes a part about Bernal Heights' Alemany Farm!
www.alemanyfarm.org or www.myspace.com/foodjustice

- 12:00 pm: The Corporation: A long, hard look at the forces that
compel corporations to act the way they do (they're psychopathic!).

- 2:40 pm: The End of Suburbia: An excellent primer to the issue of
Peak Oil, The End of Suburbia explores the american way of life and
it's prospects as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip
supply. What can be done NOW, individually and collectively to avoid
the collapse of civilization? www.endofsuburbia.com

- 4:00 pm: Food Justice (the second screening).

- 4:30 pm: Gone Tomorrow: Explore the history and politics of
garbage, a substance both hidden and omnipresent, and uncover the
links between modern industrial production, consumer culture, and our
disposal lifestyles. www.gonetomorrow.org

- 5:00 pm: We Are Traffic! An inspiring documentation of the
"Critical Mass" phenomenon and its origins in our city by the bay.

Plus! Special Guest: Chris Carlsson, one of the founders of Critical
Mass, will be on hand to answer questions and provide more thought-
candy than you could ever imagine. www.chriscarlsson.com

- 6:00 pm: Future of Food: In case you didn't know, the Future of
Food is looking pretty scary. Come see this movie made by the wife
of Jerry Garcia to find out why. www.thefutureoffood.com

- 7:30 pm: Food Justice (the third and final screening).

- 7:40 pm: The Weather Underground: "Hello, I'm going to read a
declaration of a state of war...within the next 14 days we will
attack a symbol or institution of American injustice." - Bernardine
Dorhn bringing the (political) climate change like you've never
seen. www.upstatefilms.org/weather

- 9:20 pm: Baraka: A transcendently poetic tour of the globe as
the breath or essence of life from which the evolutionary process
unfolds. Set to the life affirming rhythms of various religious
rituals and nature's own raw beat, Baraka is a visualization of the
interconnectedness humans share with the earth. www.spiritofbaraka.com

Come when you can, stay as long as you want. There will be time
between films for discussion, bathroom breaks, and checking of cell
phone messages. But just remember to turn it off BEFORE you come in
the theater!


The Urban Sustainability Alliance
[email protected]

Official Website: http://www.sfuas.org/

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