Church Street
Brighton, England BN1 1UD

Free geek event for programmers, web developers, and anyone else into computers and gadgets.

The special guest speaker will be Mike Hadlow ( Mike's talk will be entitled "Alternative Architectures: Inversion of Control", which he recently presented at DDD at Microsoft in Reading.

There will be a free buffet, and plenty of opportunity to chat with other friendly geeks.

Added by harriyott on March 25, 2008



Any chance you can be a bit more specific on the nature of the talk?

Mike Hadlow

Hi Andy, I'm going to talk about how to write software, specifically .NET, as a collection of components using a design pattern called 'inversion of control'. It'll include a little bit about why it's good to do this and I'll also show you an eCommerce web site built with these techniques.


rad guys. we do a geek dinner in los angeles. let us know if you want a subdomain.



Hey, thanks for the offer. We used to have a subdomain on, but that stopped working, so I'm now using Facebook (, LinkedIn (, Google groups ( and upcoming. Glad to hear you're doing them in LA.

Cheers, Simon