Church Street
Brighton, England BN1 1UD

Geek dinner for programmers, web developers, bloggers, and anyone else into computers and gadgets.

Free entry, free buffet, good conversation with like minded people.

Dan Glegg from Angry Amoeba is the guest speaker; he's an entrepreneur building a public Ruby on Rails application.

His talk will be entitled 'The secret army of ninja programmers you didn't know you had' and it'll be about the
socialisation of frameworks and patterns, and how best to leverage work from the community.

Specifically, Dan will be talking about how modern frameworks such as Rails and Cocoa seem purpose-built for individual and small group developers, and how the community of small developers are - in some cases without knowing it - bootstrapping each other.

Official Website:

Added by harriyott on May 19, 2007



Simon, will this be the same presentation as the £5App meet on 12 June?


I'm not sure. Dan hasn't given me a final subject yet.


Clive - both Simon and myself will be talking to Dan to figure out how we differentiate the talks. Of course it'd be silly if Dan just presented the same stuff at the two events :-)


Yup, apparently they will be different talks. I've updated the £5 app entry to that end. I've also added some details of the "pitches" we'll be having in addition to Dan's talk.