Church Street
Brighton, England BN1 1UD

Geek dinner for programmers, web developers, bloggers, and anyone else into computers and gadgets.

Special guest speaker is Mikel Maron, talking about the OpenStreetMap project.

Free entry, free buffet, good conversation with like minded people. Please leave a comment on the Sussex Geek Dinner blog if you're attending. Thanks.

Official Website:

Added by harriyott on December 5, 2006



Looking forward to the talk about OpenStreetMap Mikel! :D


Seriously though, maybe a better pub then the Black Horse?


I've got to agree with Dave, it isn't the best pub in Brighton!


I don't live in Brighton, so I don't know what else is about. If you can recommend something better, I'll check it out for the next one.


Doesn't the moon and stars have a function upstairs? Unsure of the name and function room bit.


Think you mean the Earth and Stars :-)


but the venue is free and they also kindly provide a lovely selection of buffet bites. mmm

The pitcher and piano down in the South Laines is free to book and they have been very helpful with the past two events that I've attended. They don't have "rooms" as such - more like areas, so that may be the main disadvantage.


I did look at the Earth and Stars, and the top room seemed rather small, so not too good for presentations.

I'll have a look at the P&P, thanks.


Excellent - Doesn't look like i'll be able to make this one sadly but I will be in Brighton so I may get the chance to pop in.