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Supporting Deaf People 2006

The latest online conference takes place 6th - 9th of November (pre-conference week starts 30th October).

Register now for this event at

There are two themes at this years conference:

Theme One: Interpreting

- Key note presentation: Giving Voice: Sign to Voice Interpreting
for Deaf Students in Public School Settings
- Interpreting in the workplace - a collaborative approach?
- An Exploration of Deaf and non-Deaf Sign Language Interpreters
within the Concepts of non-Deaf and Deaf Space
- Video Remote Interpreting
- Mutual support between deaf professionals and interpreters: A case study
- "I like it/him/her because…": An exploration of practitioner and
consumer attitudes towards signed language interpreting in the

Theme Two: Deafhood/Deafnicity

- Keynote presentation: Deafhood
- Hearing children of Deaf Adults (Codas) - A Question of Identity
- The Social Life of Saudi Deaf People
- Imaging the Deaf Brain
- Deaf professionals and the Deaf community - the refinement of the subaltern concept
- Deaf in Cyberspace
- "We Are Not Alone" - Walk with Me along the Journey of Late

Abstracts, presenter bios programme and information on how it all
works can be seen at the above web site. Cost for the conference is UK £55.

Official Website:

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You need to fix the dates

Monday, November 6, 2006 - Saturday, December 9, 2006

It's leaving an uneditable month-long event in my iCal so I can either just delete it or wait for you to fix :-)

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